07 Aug 2014

MTV EXIT Live in Udon Thani Opening Title (TMRRW Edit) from TMRRW on Vimeo.

Re-branding, Old branding, and New branding, OH MY!

There has been no shortage of branding happening in the last two weeks. I wanted to share some of my faves with you.


Mtv always has some of my favorite branding as they are never afraid to push the limits and experiment. The on-air show packaging for Mtv Exit Live (two free concerts to educate young people about the dangers of human trafficking) in Udon Thani, Thailand is built on the principle of the Buddhist Mandala. Mandalas generally mean “circle,” and are rich with symbolism and sacred meaning. The etymology suggests not just a circle, but a “container of essence.” Religion Facts states that a Tibetan mandala is usually made with careful placement of colored sand and powders, and is a three-dimensional figure. I would say TMRRW studio did a spot on job capturing the colors and 3D aspects, combining that with the audio used I feel like I’m taken into a spiritual world of video games. Nice work.


Cleint: MTV

Creative/Art Director/Concept: William Chen

Designer: Zamir Rosli & William Chan

Modeling/3D Animator: Zamir Rosli


“I WANT MY MTV” – who can forget that campaign from the 80’s? MTV is throwing it back for their 2014 VMA campaign. Is this a case where they wanted to go old school, or flat out ran out of ideas? What are your thoughts?

Re-make with Usher

Re-make with 5 Seconds of Summer


Brilliant and funny new ad to promote Channel 4’s new programming: original short shows. Directed and produced by 4Creative, Channel 4’s creative agency, the on-air marketing campaign launches an epic celebration of short shorts in all their glory. The description from 4Creatives heads of Creative, Chris Bovill and John Allison, reads: “Set to the retro hit ‘Short Shorts’ by The Royal Teens and shot in 16mm, SuperVHS with stills shot on an old Olympus using 35mm film for authenticity, the trail creative captures moments and glances of eclectic folk wearing short shorts – rightly or wrongly. Their contagious confidence will take viewers on a nostalgic trip back to hot British summers past and have them digging out their short shorts!”



Executive Creative Directors-John Allison & Chris Bovill

Creative Director-Landy Slattery

Director-Molly Manners

Creative-Molly Manners

Producer-Tabby Harris

Business Director-Kuba Wieczorek

Director of Photography-Marc Gomez del Moral

Editor-Tim Hardy @ Stitch

VFX Supervisor-Marcus Dryden @ Envy

Colourist-George K @ MPC



How often do you see a University producing more original content than a multi-million dollar broadcast company? Answer = never. Argentina’s Supreme Court upheld a 2009 piece of legislation designed to boost media diversity. It basically says one giant media company cannot control all of the broadcast licenses, giving small companies and even universities a chance to compete. And so they did. The University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) co-produced more than 47 original series for its first year, and created a loud, colorful and eccentric new branding campaign in partnership with the design studio Vascolo. Tamar Colodenco (production manager) and Gonzalo Arias (CEO) of UN3 said,“Our claim is ‘Tu mirada no esta sola’ (‘Your point of view is not alone’).” “We mean to say that this is the place for the strange, for the bizarre, the unique and the independent. If you feel you do not identify with traditional TV, we believe you will feel pretty comfortable with UN3.” Check out more here.

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