24 Sep 2014

Indeed is brilliant.

I love Indeed. I have used it several times throughout my career to search for new jobs, and just to see what kind of jobs are swimming around out there.

What I love even more is their newest, and first ever campaign. They created several commercial spots, and my favorite of course, a BTS on how they created the spots. The best part in my opinion is every person in this commercial is real. Real meaning they are not robots, but not actors either. Indeed put job descriptions out for each position that would be needed to make this commercial. They then hired actual people that do these jobs in real life to do them for this campaign. BRILLIANT! To go one step further, they have a ‘Meet the job seekers’ section on their webpage to help all these people get a job. Golf claps to Indeed.

Check out their interactive webpage, ‘How the world works‘, to learn more about the process and of course, to FIND A JOB!

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