09 Sep 2014

Stabilization for Hyperlapse from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.


Instagram launched it’s first app (besides Instagram itself) on August 28th called Hyperlapse. It allows you to record a timelapse video of virtually anything you want from you iPhone, and it looks smooth as a baby’s butt. How you ask? The uber smart folks over at Instagram and some of their buddies moved around numbers to create an algorithm that allows your phone to track shots and take out all of the camera shake, leaving you with this beautifully shot video that makes you look like a Hollywood cameraman. And it’s FREE! Well done, Instagram.

Wired breaks down the math more if you wanna get nerdy, Forbes talks about it revolutionizing Wildlife Films, and The Verge shows you the top 25 videos so far. I don’t think Hyperlapse is going away anytime soon.

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