30 Oct 2014

Google Android Lollipop from Hornet on Vimeo.

Google Lollipop OS

Hornet teamed up with Google to create an entertaining video releasing Google’s new Android Lollipop OS system. Throwin’ it back old school to the tune of ‘Whoomp there it is’, this is a giant game of animated I Spy!


Learn more about Android Lollipop here (android.com)

Director: Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson

Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins
Producer: Cathy Kwan, Marty Geren
Editor: RJ Glass, Stephanie Andreou
Animation Director: Mike Luzzi
2D Animators: Blake Patrick, Courtney Vonada, Casey Drogin, Christine Kwon, Frank Suarez, Isam Prado, Jacob Kafka, Keelmy Carlo, Mark Pecoraro, Meredith Nolan, Nivedita Sekar, Tim Beckhardt
2D Interns: Angela DeVito, Natalie Labarre
Lead Compositor: John Harrison
Compositors: Stephanie Andreou, Ted Wiggin
Production Coordinator: Erika Bettencourt
Audio Mix & Sound Design: Huma-Huma

Agency/Client: Google Creative Lab

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