21 Aug 2014

Digital Art – Do we need another screen in our lives?

I have always loved the idea of having a frame I could digitally rotate my artwork in. Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of authentic artwork and canvases hanging in our house, but my add kicks in sometimes and I want to switch things out based on my mood, the season, or for some inspiration.

Digital picture frames surfaced, but still were too small to really get the museum feel that I was looking for in my home. They are great to prop up at work on a desk, but not on the wall. It didn’t take long for such a product to be invented (which makes me think I should have executed this idea years ago, but we all say that) and for competition to kick in.

Electric Objects, Instacube, and Framed 2.0 are three products currently on the market.  Instacube is only for your Facebook and Instagram photos, so this to me is geared towards the young folks. Electric Objects and Framed are very sleek, modern frames that only display one image at a time. No pop-ups, or checking email is allowed to finally give us a break from all the chaos. My kind of product. Both allow you to change images instantly through their apps, and get special deals on artwork from new artists.

If you are not feeling the digital frames, you can always jump over to the Keecker and project your artwork on any wall you want!

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