04 Sep 2014

Argentina’s UN3 TV

UN3 is a new TV channel created by the University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) with more than 47 original series for its first year. Not bad for a college! Brief explains how this is possible in more detail, but in 2013 Argentina’s Supreme Court upheld a piece of legislation designed to boost media diversity saying TV networks are banned from amassing more than 35% of the nation’s viewers, and broadcast licenses can go to private, state and nonprofit organizations in equal measure. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me, the USA might want to look into this.

So, UNTREF decided to play ball with the big boys, like Grupo Clarin and they are holding their own when it comes to programming. They partnered with design studio Vascolo and created an awesome new branding campaign staying true to their roots of be innovative and experimental.

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